Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update: Current Projects

Ideally, I'd like to have one project finished every month. That would mean I get to post something new here every month, but obviously thats not the case. I tend to work on several things at once, but sometimes that means it can take me a lot longer than 4 weeks to finish a project. Recently, a lot of things have been on hold while I wait for some more moldmaking supplies to be delivered...

That being said, here's a quick look at a couple of the projects I have in the works currently:

Hei's Daggers (Darker than Black):

I am making 2 duplicates of Hei's daggers from the anime series Darker than Black. So far there's not a lot of work into this project outside of the base sculpting. Eventually, the piece shown here will be silicon-molded and resin cast to produce 4 halves which will be assembled into 2 complete knives.

Kraken Club (Final Fantasy XI):

This is a reproduction of a weapon from the online game Final Fantasy XI. Constructed in MDF wood with resin-cast spikes, this is really more than just a prop - it is an actual freaking weapon... I don't know how you could ever peacebond this to bring to a convention, but it sure is realistic holding an 8lb club in your hand!

Comparison shot of size vs. iPhone:

This piece is currently undergoing the molding process so I can make duplicates for reproduction.

Guy Manuel helmet (Daft Punk):

The project which has been consuming all of my time lately is Guy's helmet from the band Daft Punk. The shots below show the model I'm carving which will eventually be molded and then cast in resin.

Much time has been spent getting the details as smooth and accurate as possible. Once the resin casts are pulled, the frames will be sent off for vacuum-metalizing where they will recieve the gold plated finish seen in the shot above. The visor will be vacuum-formed from tinted PETG plastic, and the helmet will feature an Arduino programmable board to illuminate lighting banks in the same way that Daft Punk's helmets do. (pre-2004, "Discovery" era) This relica is a "hybrid" in that it has the revised shape from the band's recent work, but the illumination of the previous version.

Before anyone asks: Yes; thats me standing in my bathroom. Since this is a clay and bondo sculpt, I can't see anything when wearing the mold master. Thanks go to my fiancee for the camerawork on these. The leather jacket I'm wearing in the shots below is just something I had laying around to help the look a bit for my own reference.

Of course, all of these projects (and more!) will get full write-ups detailing their build process as they're completed. Look for those to start being posted up in the following weeks.


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the new posts. Are you going to do both Daft Punk helmets?

Everfalling said...

man i've wanted to make that thing for so long. i can't wait to see the final product.

Unknown said...

Thats badddd ass! Are you going to make Thomas Bangalter's helmet too?

fightstar said...

Awesome! Look forward to more of these from you. I was a Graphic Designer myself now turned computer networking nerd. I envy you skill at prop making. Times like this I wish I had a garage. :D Keep em' coming.

Unknown said...

No plans yet to make Thomas' helmet, as my client is only interested in Guy's. Time will tell though if someone else requests the other one. I'm certainly open to it.

wilkin8977 said...

what do you charge for something like this, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this sorry...

Harrison Krix said...

Neal, If you're interested in a quote for a project, shoot me an email at the link above and I'll see what I can do for you

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