Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Update: Current projects

New year, new projects, new deadlines.

And, if I'm honest, some old deadlines from last year too. Here's a few of the projects that I've got on various burners that will be featured in the coming months:

AER9 Laser Rifle (Fallout 3)

Thats right, I'm doing this again. The last one was a very rushed build and I would have loved to have more time to get the details to my liking. On this project, I can! I learned a lot from the first AER9 and all of that trial-by-fire will be applied to this project. Things are moving fast, so I may have a finished product very soon. Among the improvements are a moving trigger, screenprinted labels, and an illuminated barrel!

Force-a-Nature (Team Fortress 2)

This project is also moving quickly, though I wish I'd taken more pictures of the process. The proportions of this gun are ridiculous - the barrels hold a 4 gauge round and are only 7.25" long! This will be a heavy and robust piece when completed. I have a neat collaboration going on with a fellow who is maching some aluminum parts for it too, can't wait to show those off!

Chell's Heelsprings (Portal)

These poor things have been sitting in 90% limbo for a while now, awaiting a few minor bits to make them perfect. We have a Portal photoshoot coming up in the near future, so hopefully they will be back on the table soon.

Link's Hylian Shield (Zelda: Twilight Princess)

My first shield was also my first real "prop". When I first took a crack at this, the entire shape was eyeballed and I didn't know my materials very well. On top of that, I didn't take any progress photos! This shield will rectify a lot of the issues of the old one, mostly the major inaccuracies and cumbersome weight of my first project.

All this, and more, in 2010. Thanks for reading!