Friday, August 15, 2008

Hylian Shield

Link's Hylean shield. Much like the sword I built, this was done in a week and mostly just "eyeballed" with regards to sizing and dimensions. I cleaned up a lot of the edges from "V1" to V1.1" that you see here.

Side Shot. The curve of the shield right now is far too shallow, and the profile is also too thick. This was mostly made with insulation foam and MDF board, then bondo to smooth details. The feligree pieces were also carves from insulation foam, which can't hold details very well. These will be redone in Apoxie Sculpt for the next version.

The back details were faked in a time crunch. The actual shield has raised edges and rivets in this area. If we're going for total game accuracy though, the shield model is just flat on the back with a textured map placed on top. That means this is correct!

A full-fledged "V2" rebuild is in the works, since I've gone and built a more accurate vector outline of the shield.