Monday, June 21, 2010

Jump Kick Punch (project update!)

So after all the E3 craziness of last week, there was (obviously) a ton of media coverage on all the new motion control, older rehashed games, and interactive tigers.

A few of my friends run a very entertaining podcast/blog called Jump Kick Punch! and they asked me to do a little guest-spot with them in their E3 review and re-cap.

Head on over there if you've got some serious time to kill and would be entertained by four mid-20's guys yammering on about the current world of videogames in a beer-fueled frenzy of swearing and belching. If the previous sentence didn't illustrate this fully, the language is a bit PG13 (okay, R) so don't go blasting it at the nursery where you work or anything. Fun fact for people that don't know me personally: I apparently swear a LOT. I wasn't aware of this until I listened to a recording of myself.

Also, as I've been listening to this while writing this entry, I also seem to be the ONLY ONE TALKING. Apologies to Brandon, Tom and Josh for me sort of railroading their podcast...

Because I hate to do a post without pictures, here are some shots of a few of my upcoming projects:

Link's Hylian Shield (Zelda: Twilight Princess)

The project that soldiers on. I've only been working on this between other builds, so its been slow going, but the base paint work is done and now I can start mounting the filigree pieces on permanently.

Cassandra's armor, sword, and shield (Soul Calibur IV)

The full set! So far most of the progress has been on her pauldron shoulder armor - a clay sculpt which will be cold cast in resin to make 2 duplicates. Recently I've started on the shield and sword as well. While they're only just blocked shapes so far, they're coming along nicely.

Hand Plates (Daft Punk)

To complete the Daft Punk look, I'm making their hand plates as well as the helmet. The initial pieces are clay sculpted over castings of my hands. These will be sanded to a smoother finish then vacuumformed in styrene plastic and sent out for plating.

And, finally, everyone's favorite. Another video of the Daft Punk Helmet, with lights and tinted visor! Just need the interior padding and we're ready for the final photoshoot and write-up.

Thanks for reading, and if you choose to visit my friends at Jump Kick Punch! then thanks for listening!


Denise said...

Whoa. How did I never know about your site? You are amazing.

Mikey Wiesepape said...

Where did you get the light bars for your daft punk helmet/how did you make them?

Reactive said...


I left you an email regarding a collaboration with a cosplay magazine, did you get a chance to read it?


Unknown said...

your work is amazing, especially on daft punk helmet
i'am a big fan and i'm looking for an helmet for looooong time, and this is the best replica i ever seen !
is there any chance you will sell it ?

thank you

PiranNinja said...

Hi! Because of you I started my own blog and I hope I will be able to show off some of my pieces soon :)

Unknown said...

you should try to make the silver daft punk helmet that would be different and cool

Ferdy123 said...


I liked the pictures of the Portal gun. Do you have any you could email me? If so, please sent them to


Unknown said...

Simply incredible! Best. Replica. Ever. I'd rather shell out the bucks for it than attempt myself! :)

RadioactiveMicrobe said...

Are you ever going to finish that Hylian shield?

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