Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kraken Club revisited

Normally I don't think I'd make a post about reproducing the same prop I've already shown, but I REALLY liked the weathering on this one, so I decided I'd share.

After doing numerous copies of the original club, I got an order for a more interpretive piece. According to the canon in Final Fantasy XI, there are monsters that wield similar weapons to the ones players can use. One group resides on an icy island and has been marooned there for 2 in-game decades. My client wanted to see a club with 20 years of abuse and neglect showing.

For comparison, here are duplicates #4 and 5 of my original club:

And now the more "traveled" version:

A painter friend of mine showed me some advanced weathering and texture techniques involving iron powder and water-based paint, which means this resin club actually rusts!

Check out higher-resolution pics at my flickr account!


Anonymous said...

Be careful of making and selling FF related stuff, square enix might not be happy with it.

Harrison Krix said...

These props are not 100% accurate to the game. Due to the low-resolution nature of FFXI, all rounded elements are rendered as squared-off polygons; My reproductins cannot accurately be called "Kraken Clubs" as they are not a direct copy of the in-game renderings. I had to take significant artistic license and interpret the shape of the model in-game. These can then be best defined as "inspired" by the game files, not direct copies.

Anonymous said...

The realism is quite impressive. If I didn't know any better I would say you used it in combat. I wouldn't go walking the streets with it If I were you lol. Great work. I follow your work as if it were a Religion

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